A-List Luxury Villas & Chalets puts in your hand one of its best and prestigious services: Housekeeping. A team of expert Housekeepers who are meticulous and experienced in the use of luxury products and equipment in upscale residences and hotels are all committed to highest standards. A-List Villas & Chalets offers its guests haute-couture garment handlers who will treat with care the most expensive pieces. With A-List Luxury Villas & Chalets we commit to offer the best to our guests.

A-List Villas & Chalets puts in your hand one of its best and luxurious services; Housekeeping, A team of meticulous, competent and expert cleaners who are experienced in the use of high quality and luxury products and equipment in luxury residences and hotels, whom are committed to the high standards that the Villa and Chalet must maintain. A-List Villas also places at the disposal of its guests an expert in haute-couture who treats with care the most expensive pieces. with A-List Villas & Chalets we make the best of the best.


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In this world, there is no greater fortune than serenity. A-List Luxury Villas & Chalets properties are fully equipped with state of the art security systems and can be paired with a team of trained Security experts on guest protection. Our professional team provides a safe and welcoming environment by being efficient and meeting strict local regulations.

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Close Protection

Many of our guests travel with an entourage of personal staff. A-List Luxury Villas & Chalets offers an additional Close Protection service to merge with this personal staff ensuring precise security with finesse. This fluid relationship works together to include all activities both on and off-site and focuses on the absolute trust needed to guarantee safety always. Including Close Protection with A-List Villas & Chalets adds an additional security measures that pledges to our guests that their luxury stay will be a haven of serenity.

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Personal Trainer

A-list Luxury Villas & Chalets offers the services of a Personal Trainer. These professionals help guests achieve their fitness and health goals through motivation and by developing customized exercise and nutritional programs. Our qualified certified trainers will show you how to add a new level of vitality as you balance the deserved indulgences and pleasures of life. From intensive exercise to tranquil Zen yoga our trainers will meet your expectations while you exceed your own. Ask about including a Personal Trainer during your stay and feel the power of positive change.

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